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Farmers lobby calls for Kenya agriculture policy change

Representatives of the Kenyan agricultural sector have called for a review of government policy

The Agricultural Industry Network (AIN), which represents more than 40 member organisations from across the value chain, claimed that neither the public nor key industry players were properly consulted on current plans.

The policy is still in the draft stage and is yet to be debated and approved by the Cabinet before being forwarded to Parliament for final approval.

“We have gone through this document and it needs improvements. We have identified the problems in it and we are going to send a memorandum to the agriculture cabinet secretary outlining the proposed changes,’’ said AINJ chairman Edward Mudibo.

Mudibo added that the draft policy in its current form risked harming the agricultural sector rather than rejuvenating it.

“The policy document should have analysed in greater detail and with evidence, the present situation in the agricultural sector,” explained AINJ chairman.

“The analysis should have had a layout of the sector in terms of the production, resources available, food situation, income levels and performance against socio-economic indicators.”