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Ghana launches project to support African agribusiness

The Ghanaian Ministry of Agriculture has launched micro reforms for African agribusiness (MIRA) project, to support sustainable agricultural growth in Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Nigeria

A number of policies such as the medium term agricultural development programme, the accelerated agricultural growth and development strategy, and the food and agriculture sector development policy (FASDEP II), were included in the MIRA project, added Kwetey.

Fifi Kwetey, agricultural minister of Ghana, said, “The project is aimed to provide African governments with technical assistance for identifying, prioritising and reforming specific agricultural regulations and policies deterring agribusinesses working in smallholder value chains.”

FASDEP II policy will aim to structurally transform the economy to improve food security, employment, reduce poverty, improve access to markets and ensure sustainable management of land and environment, reported the ministry.

Kwetey noted that a viable and sustainable economic development in the region could only be achieved through the transformation and modernisation of the agricultural sector.