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African farmers to benefit from new app

Design firm Pearlfisher along with UK-based software workshop Red Badger have developed an app to boost production and increase the income of farmers in Africa

The Haller app is designed to educate communities in rural areas and to teach them how to properly use agricultural techniques, said the design firm.

Jonathan Ford, chief compliance officer of Pearlfisher, stated, “The app features planting techniques from how to produce organic insecticides to growing mushrooms and tomatoes. It also gives information on how to create a bright room with solar bottles or how to collect and reuse water.

“In collaboration with Red Badger, we designed a simple intuitive app that gives hands-on and relevant solutions to local farmers – helping them live better, self-sustainable lives by transforming landscapes, growing food, improving water conservation, and regenerating communities.”

According to Red Badger, the Haller app enhances low cost, organic, and easy to follow tips for the farmers. It is set in English and Swahili.

“Despite high levels of poverty and illiteracy in Africa, a vast majority of the population use mobile phones and smartphones. Thus, we recognised that digital design had the power to change these peoples’ lives for the better,” concluded Ford.