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Harnessing the power of precision fermentation

Nutrition leader, Arla Foods Ingredients enters a partnership with biotechnology giant, Novozymes to develop advanced protein ingredients using precision fermentation

Being a world leader in precision fermentation, Novozymes has long since been focused on the exploration of new protein solutions for health and nutrition. 

Aria’s role in the co-funded partnership will be to contribute its expertise in the creation of microbial strains for the industrial-scale production of proteins by precision fermentation. This will then be integrated into Arla Foods Ingredients’ knowledge of technology and the regulatory landscape. 

To elaborate, precision fermentation is a technique that fine-tunes the molecular output of microorganisms, offering greater control over the fermentation process and enabling tailor-made protein compositions. The collaboration which will mainly focus on finding a solution for disease-specific medical nutrition – a category in which protein is an essential component – is hoping to expand into other segments in the near future. 

“This partnership brings together two market leaders in our respective areas. Collaborating with Novozymes fits perfectly with our ambition to explore alternative nutrition platforms and complement our portfolio of dairy and whey solutions,” said group vice president of Arla Foods Ingredients, Henrik Andersen. “By leveraging our combined expertise, manufacturing skills and market insights, we will be able to accelerate the pace at which we bring innovative new protein products to market.”

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