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Nigerian firms to produce soil specific fertilisers

Four indigenous manufacturing companies have partnered to produce fertilisers suitable for Nigerian soils as part of efforts to boost agriculture and ensure food security in the country

The four companies that are part of the collaboration are Superphosphate Fertiliser and Chemicals Limited, Fertiliser and Chemicals Limited, Indorama and TAK. The fertiliser brands were created after elaborate research about fertilisers suitable for Nigerian soils, the companies said.

According to Superphosphate Fertiliser and Chemicals Limited chairman Barrister Ibrahim Shehu Birma, the four companies arrived at the collaboration in reaction to the use of wide-spread use of imported fertilisers in the country, most of which are not suitable for Nigeria’s soils.

He said that they were aiming to meet the country’s annual fertiliser demand and will have a production capacity of 4mn metric tonnes per annum.

Speaking about the collaboration, Superphosphate Fertilizer and Chemicals Limited managing director Danjuma Abdul-Kadir said that unlike the imported fertilizers available in the market, their products were produced in line with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s specifications.

“The collaboration came as a result of research and development and a lot of scientific work done by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. They came up with the type of fertilisers to be used in Nigeria and we took up the challenge to produce them.”

He explained that based on the recommendations from the soil test, the country was divided into different fertiliser zones and created different brands of fertilisers to suit the demands of each zone.