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Replacing synthetic nitrogen with Pivot Bio’s PROVEN 40 can boost crop yields: study

The study highlights the potential of microbial nitrogen fertiliser to boost crop yields, while at the same time reducing dependency on synthetic fertilisers. (Image source: Pivot Bio)

A recent study conducted by the University of Kentucky Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment found that using Pivot Bio PROVEN 40 as a replacement for 40 pounds of synthetic nitrogen, significantly increase corn yields, while also reducing reliance on synthetic fertiliser

Fields with cover crop rotations often experience nitrogen deficits. Applying microbial nitrogen in furrows can help bridge this nitrogen gap, thus resulting in higher yields. The nitrogen in this case, is delivered directly to the roots, avoiding competition with cover crop residue.

For the study, corn was planted at a rate of 32,000 seeds per acre under no-till and cover crop conditions with PROVEN 40 applied in furrow, along with additional nitrogen treatments of 140 and 180 pounds per acre. Corn yields were found to be similar across both nitrogen fertiliser rates. However, PROVEN 40 applied in furrow increased corn yields across both nitrogen rates.

Kentucky farmer, Richard Preston who collaborated with the university on the study, stated that PROVEN 40 had stood out as a game-changer on his farm this year, despite the minimal rainfall received during critical stages of growing. “Like all farmers, I care about protecting and preserving our natural resources for generations to come. In addition to no-till and cover crop practices, PROVEN 40 has helped me lower my environmental impact and increase yield — two key factors for meeting my sustainability goals,” Preston said. 

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