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Zeakal's new technology enhances sustainability of corn production

ZeaKal's PhotoSeed technology improves the crop’s oil and sustainability profile without compromising yield or protein. (Image source: ZeaKal)

In an attempt to deliver higher energy corn, agritech company ZeaKal recently developed its new groundbreaking PhotoSeed technology to improve the oil and sustainability profile of the corn crop, without compromising its yield or protein

Upon immediate implementation of this technology, replicated field trials during the first year showed a significant 23% increase in corn oil composition. The technology was found to enhance the plant's photosynthetic capacity, capturing more CO2 and sunlight. This additional carbon capture increases oil production without taking away the energy necessary to maintain modern yields.

Just as in soybeans, nutrient and energy densification in PhotoSeed corn translates to more carbon captured in the seed. With higher oil production that does not require additional inputs or land, PhotoSeed becomes a sustainability embedded trait that has the potential to lower the carbon intensity score of the crop. 

In 2022, ZeaKal created a closed loop US system called the NewType model to capture and share premiums from better composition, processing advantages, and improved sustainability metrics with farmers and producers. Starting with its integration into Gro Alliance—the nation's largest, independently owned contract producer of seed corn and soybean seed—ZeaKal follows the model's success into the company's extensive germplasm collection, breeding programme, and fully integrated seed production. 

“The future of agriculture must be grounded in innovation that democratises value creation or else agriculture will not be responsive to demands for improved sustainability, nutrition, and energy,” said co-founder and CEO of ZeaKal, Han Chen. “Starting with the grower, our vision is to leverage trait technology and replicate our NewType model to ensure value creation and sharing across the entire supply chain.”

PhotoSeed corn commercialisation is expected in the 2027 growing season.

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