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South Africa hosts African Farmers Workshop and Expo 2014

The African Farmers Workshop and Expo (AFWE) will take place from 12-14 August 2014 at the Johannesburg Expo Centre

The three day farming expo is becoming popular, with rising interest from the broad agricultural sector as well as to buy-in from various non-governmental organisation, according to Black African Young Farmers Association (BAYOFA) CEO Poiho Ramotlatsi.

“BAYOFA sees the African Farmers Workshop and Expo as an essential platform for stakeholders to address issues affecting ordinary farmers, and furthering much-needed transformation in the sector,” Ramotlatsi said.

“Through AFWE, we want to encourage agricultural development and food security by forming partnerships with companies and industry role players interested in assisting farmers to gain access to markets. We will be hosting workshops at the AFWE event that explore these objectives, and also focus on issues affecting small-scale farmers,” Ramotlatsi added.

The AgriYouth Indaba focuses on empowerment, while challenging and supporting young people in agriculture.

“Our main aim is to raise awareness in the agricultural sector that 2014 is the African Union’s Year of Agriculture and Food Security,” said Dr Sipho Moyo, director of ONE Campaign.

“People need to know that agriculture plays an important role in Africa’s development; and African leaders need to reaffirm their commitments to the 2003 Maputo Declaration and increase investments in agriculture.”