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Region Commission Juma Homera, during a recent conference, remarked that the government would continue its work with the Dutch government to ensure a continued increase in potato production in the country

AdobeStock 534672923The two countries have a MOU in place aimed towards development of the potato sector. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

During the conference organised by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Tanzania in partnership with the Wageningen University and Research, various agricultural experts, seed production experts, farmers, and policymakers were present among many others to discuss the current state of the potato sector along with strategies targeted to efficiently boost crop production. 

According to a report published by Agrifocus Africa, the Dutch Ambassador in Tanzania, Wiebe de Boer stated that the Netherlands was putting efforts to empower farmers from Tanzania with the aim of transforming their production of potato products into commercial undertakings. Boer mentioned that potato was indeed a very important crop and key contributor to the economy. He also believed that Tanzania had an abundance of land, which multiplied its potential to grow potatoes almost everywhere.

Moreover, a unique potato signals book was also launched which aims to encourage farmers to utilise signals sent out by crops as visual information for crop management. When put into use, this book is believed to be a game changer for farmers. The Agrifocus Africa report also mentioned that a total of 16 potato seed were currently listed in the Tanzania Official Seed Certification (TOSCI) catalogue, with support from the Netherlands. 

These varieties, when combined with good agronomic practices were believed to be capable of producing high yields, thus helping the sector to emerge with well informed decisions.