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Tanzania to transform land for farming use

The Tanzanian government plans to transform 350,000ha of land to produce food crops for both domestic consumption and exports

President Jakaya Kikwete said that the government has made the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) a key focus for agricultural transformation.

“This corridor is well endowed with land, good weather and water... we want to increase the production of rice, maize, sugar, fruits, vegetables, pulses, cut-flowers and livestock keeping. Turkish investors can work with their Tanzania counterparts to invest in agriculture,” Kikwete said.

The President stated that Tanzania and Turkey’s partnership has enhanced bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

"For example, since year 2005 the volume of trade has increased from US$4,715 to US$74,954 in 2011," Kikwete, said.

"The increased trade has been further enhanced by the trade agreement signed between our two governments in 2010 as well as direct Turkish Airlines flights between our two countries," he added.

Tanzania has more than 44mn hectares of arable land and currently only six million hectares are being cultivated.