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Transitioning to sustainable food systems

The first webinar and workshop of the BEATLES project will take place on 23 April from 10:00-12:15 CET. (Image source: BEATLES)

Organised by Q-PLAN International and SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS, the first webinar and workshop of the BEATLES project is scheduled to take place on 23 April this year

BEATLES is a Horizon Research & Innovation project funded by the European Union which aims to accelerate the systemic and systematic behavioural shift to climate-smart agriculture and smart farming technologies.

The webinar will begin with an introduction to the BEATLES project by the coordinator from the Agricultural University of Athens, Marilena Gemtou. Following this, project partner, Søren Marcus Pedersen will delve into 'Locks-in and levers for transition to sustainable food systems'. Simone Cerroni will then present findings on 'Farmers' preferences for subsidy schemes to promote methane emission reduction in the livestock sector', drawing from insights of the sister project VISIONARY. Concluding the webinar, Irina Popescu, a Food Policy officer at BEUC, will address consumer attitudes and initiatives like 'Put Change on the Menu'.

Moreover, an attractive workshop will be featured in the second part of the event, bringing together technical experts and stakeholders to collaboratively identify challenges and opportunities in transforming the food system. Attendees also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the presented research results and collectively explore strategies for advancing practices for climate-smart farming.

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