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Zimbabwe on the path to becoming new self-sustalning agri-powerhouse of Africa

With 375,000 tons of wheat harvested in the previous year, Zimbabwe has proved its self-reliance as an African agri-powerhouse

An africanews report mentioned that wheat harvest had gone up by a whooping 13% in 2022. This was made possible with the heip of the Grain Marketing Board which set up a policy that involved distributing fertilisers and buying crops. 

Currently, Zimbabwe's ready availability of wheat means that it no longer needs to rely on imported wheat to meet its needs. The country's timely policy, therefore, helped it win over other African countries struggling with high cost of imported wheat from Russia and Ukraine.

However, all is not well as the purchase of the crop seems to have gone down to less than a quarter despite the release of emergency funds and receiving government assurance, thereby giving the Grain Marketing Board a hard time paying farmers.