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Tanzania implements strategy to boost organic farming in the country

A special strategy has been drafted by the Tanzanian government to help improve organic agriculture performance and organic food production in the east African country

The National Ecological Organic Agriculture Strategy has been coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture and is an eight-year long initiative whose main focus is to spread awareness about organic agriculture across farmers and stakeholders, while closely monitoring the productivity, production, and market to ensure that they remain high throughout.

Moreover, the strategy encourages keeping public options open by ensuring that the country promotes both conventional as well as organic farming techniques. Speaking to the Daily News, Revelian Ngaiza, the strategy chairperson, policy advisor and national coordinator for the Youth Involvement in Agriculture stated that the intention of the policy was partially to implement the national policy on organic agriculture, as specified under the Agriculture National Policy 2013

A countrywide survey was also conducted across various regions, namely Singida, Kilimanjaro, and Dar es Salaam, among many others to monitor the efficiency of organic farming techniques practiced by farmers across the country. Ngaiza further noted that the implementation of the strategy would integrate numerous ministries and institutes with the private sector.