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CELPLAST: Care for the environment: not a slogan, but a concrete commitment

Founded in Vigonza, near Padua, in 1981 as a small workshop for the production of packaging, Celplast immediately stood out for its strong innovative spirit, a reflection of the attentive and visionary minds of its founding members

It is this innovative spirit that, right from the start, has enabled Celplast to be recognised as one of the pioneers in the plastic egg packaging marketFor more than 35 years, the company has been producing egg packaging containers, paying continuous attention to the innovation of production technologies specific to the sector, in order to offer increasingly high-performance and certified products.

For Celplast, environmental sustainability has been a fixed point from the beginning of production. According to their belief, every company has a duty to try reducing its impact on the environment as much as possible, both in terms of its production system and the use of recycled and recyclable raw materials.

Celeplast uses certified post-consumer and industrial materials for production, which are processed directly in their factory. This allows them to actively participate in the conscious use of the resources at their disposal. Continuous innovation and research have enabled the company to reduce the use of raw materials used to make egg cups, by at least 15%, without affecting the quality in the least, which remains at very high levels.

Their constant investments in research and development are aimed at verifying how new technologies can help make their products and production system less impactful, to optimise processes and drastically reduce waste, thanks to this constant commitment that, today, their products can be considered 100% recyclable.

Celeplast has long been committed to reducing the volume of their packaging, and are today able to load up to 30% more product on each pallet. This is to the benefit of the environmental impact of their shipments, which guarantee a significant reduction in the pollution produced by their transports. Their passion for research and development allows them to produce packaging that complies with food safety regulations, while also paying utmost attention to environmental protection.

This successful strategy has led the company to serve one third of the domestic market, with the current production of more than 15 standard egg carton models, enabling them to cover all the demands of the sector internationally. Celeplast's technical department creates the designs of the company's models based on the needs of the market and the specific requests of their customers.

Moreover, the company buys their plastic granules from reliable suppliers, with their concern for the environment leading them to purchase large proportions of recycled raw material. These raw materials are then used to create semi-finished products, based on the characteristics required by their customers. Once their rolls of semi-finished products are ready, they are then transferred to various thermoforming machines which, depending on the model, deliver the finished product. All products can be customised either by labelling or by direct 5-colour printing.

Celeplast produces packaging that offers more space for communications, thanks to a larger label area. In this way, dispensing can be carried out with the lithographed cardboard sleeve, thus producing less waste, which is of exclusive benefit to the environment.