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Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce initiated a Consignment Based Conformity Assessment (CBCA) programme on 16 March 2015, which is intended to substantially reduce importation of hazardous and substandard products and improve customs duty collection

zim-cornThe programme will ensure swift customs clearance with appropriate certificate of conformity and fight against counterfeits. (Image source: Anne Wangalachi/Flickr)

A ministry spokesperson said that under the programme, conformity to standards and declared value of goods intended to be exported to Zimbabwe will be verified in the country of export prior to shipment.

"Upon satisfactory verification, a CBCA certificate will be issued for the consignment. The certificate shall be presented for customs clearance on arrival in Zimbabwe," the spokesperson added.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has also produced a list of categories of goods to be subjected to import assessment. These include food and agriculture, building and civil engineering, timber, petroleum, packaging material, electrical and electronic appliances, body care, automotive and transportation, clothing and textile, engineering equipment, mechanical appliances and toys.

“The business community is urged to inform their suppliers of the implementation of the CBCA programme. The suppliers should then contact Bureau Veritas, the conformity assessment company appointed for the verification in exporting regions,” the ministry noted.

All importers and clearing agents in Zimbabwe have been informed through a notice of the programme.

— By Wallace Mawire