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Mixing oil and water to boost functional F&B development

Prodalim fnbProdalim Resources, a global player in the beverage industry introduces Capsoil Foodtech, an innovative platform that converts bioactive oils into water-soluble powders

Capsoil Foodtech is developed with an aim to allow product developers to create new categories of functional foods and beverages according to Prodalim. The company advanced the capacity for mixing oil and water by developing ultra-fine, water-soluble powders out of natural oils. This breakthrough presents new possibilities for integrating beneficial nutritional oils, fat-soluble vitamins and lipid-based nutrients into a broadened range of functional foods and beverages, as well as in new supplement formats. 

“Oil and water cannot mingle according to the laws of nature,” explains Itay Shafat, PhD, scientific director for Capsoil. “In Capsoil, we found a way of overcoming this barrier and created an advanced method for incorporating oil-based nutrients into water-based products. This opens the doors to products such as juices enriched with MCTs or ice pops fortified with omega fatty acids. Even hot drinks can get a ‘better-for-you’ upgrade by infusing them with beneficial oils, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, or hemp oils. The possibilities are endless.”

Capsoil's proprietary technology takes any oil compound and converts it to a self-emulsifying powder. Unlike conventional powders, this novel process results in a dry, free-flowing powder that dissolves easily in either hot or cold liquids.

Capsoil says that its production technology does not apply any form of extraction, solvent, or heat process, nor does it alter the nutrient profile of the oil. Capsoil powders contain from 30% to 60% of the oil and its bioactive compounds, and the emulsion’s nanostructured particles possess a large surface area, enhancing bioaccessibility and absorption of the encapsulated oil, leading to improved bioavailability. This can also translate into lower dose requirements.

“We are working with food and beverage companies to help them tailor a new food and beverage applications, or find new novel delivery methods, for desired food oils or key fat-soluble nutrients,” adds Shafat.

Capsoil’s tech also targets the dietary supplement space, giving the formulators new capabilities for incorporating lipid-based ingredients such as omega-3 into a dry pill, capsule, or sachet format rather than as an oil or softgel.

“Many consumers find it difficult to ingest omega fatty acids in oil form, or they dislike the texture of soft gels,” states Nir Ilani, CEO of Capsoil. “Consuming high amounts of MCT’s, a key component of the keto diet, is also burdensome for many consumers. Our tech allows for oil-based ingredients to be enjoyed in low, manageable doses and easy-to-digest formats.”


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