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Driving innovations in grain storage with Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems

Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems is one of the world‘s leading CE Certified, UK manufacturers in grain storage systems

Bentall Rowlands have vast experience in silo design according to ANSI/ASAE EP 433 and EN 1991-4 and we are flexible enough to provide a solution that better meets the customer’s needs.

Bentall Rowlands are able to easily produce any kind of technical documentation to demonstrate compliance to those codes. Additionally, Bentall Rowlands is flexible enough to adapt our designs and calculations to meet the environmental conditions (whether that be snow, wind or seismic activity) required by any local code, anywhere in the world. 

The Bentall Rowlands product range includes; hopper bottom silos, flat bottom silos, smooth wall silos, feed hoppers, catwalks and platforms, water tanks, cleaning/grading, handling equipment. 

Bentall Rowlands have designed, manufactured and installed across several sites in the Far East. 

Case Study Example 

An example of one of  the Bentall Rowlands projects is at Siam Kasikij in Thailand, which is still in perfect condition now and was installed in 2001. In total, there were 25 silos erected to aid with a huge requirement for husk and rice storage in the area.

Here is the breakdown of the project and what was required:

15 off 24.0m diameter x 17 ring for rice (Paddy) storage, with a capacity of 5,000 tons per silo. 

8 off 8.0m diameter x 15 ring hopper bottom silos.

2 off 10.0m diameter x 12 ring hopper bottom silos for husk storage.

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