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Angolan cabinet gives go-ahead for fishing development plan

The Commission for the Real Economy of the Council of Ministers has approved the development plan for artisanal fisheries for the 2014/2017 period at a recent meeting held in Luanda, Angola

The minister of fisheries, Victoria de Barros, who was speaking at the end of the meeting, stated that the plan aims to combat poverty in fishing communities and in turn improve the supply chain of fisheries.

According to the minister, artisanal fishing in some areas of Angola, and the provinces of Moxico and Cuando Cubango will play a key role in the establishment and development of local economies.

"Our role is not only in organizing cooperatives in these locations, but also provide them with appropriate products for preservation, processing and marketing infrastructure," Barros stated.

Vice president of Angola, Manuel Domingos Vicente, chaired the meeting where he analysed a draft Presidential Decree which approved the legal regime of the national network of logistics platforms, submitted by the Ministry of Transport.

Plans for artisanal fishing in the country are also expected to enhance the living conditions of Angloans, including improvements being made to health and education sectors across the country, Barros said.