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Tanzania launches campaign to reduce post-harvest fish loss

A campaign dubbed Clean fish for better life or Hygiene for more money to prevent the loss of fish following the harvesting season has been launched in Tanzania

Campaign manager Davide Sagna is calling for the better handling of fish produce in the country following the discovery by experts that a quarter of fish caught on Lake Victoria are mishandled, causing them to rot.

"We want to reverse this loss, which is a result of poor handling of fish by fishermen and traders, by sensitising them on how best to handle them," said Sagna during the campaign launch, which was host to Kisumu residents, Kenyan fishery officials and journalists from Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda.

"With dwindling fish stocks on the lake, the losses cannot continue. This has to be reversed," he said.

Sagna added, "We hope to change people's handling of fish during the campaign, which will also involve educating consumers on how to prepare better fish dishes and avoid eating rotten fish." 

The campaign will be set up at 12 of the lake's landing sites and will run until September 2013.