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Zanzibar fish study to highlight endangered species

The Tanzanian Government has announced plans to carry out a study on fish species living in the waters surrounding Zanzibar in an effort to certify endangered varieties

The project, which has received the support of China’s State Oceanic Administration (SOA), will also study other organisms living in the seas surrounding the island.

Tanzania minister for livestock and fisheries, Said Ali Mbarouk, said, “We have opted to investigate aquatic life so that we protect the endangered species before it is too late.”

SOA official Chen Lian Zeng said the research would uncover the negative impact of climate change on sea life in the area, which is populated by a large range of fish species, including billfish, king mackerel, dorado and barracuda.

The area also has large shark populations, with the tiger, thresher and hammerhead species prevalent.

“It is important to have the project to establish and have an up-to-date [account] of the types of fish in Zanzibar and the effects of climate change on the creatures,” said Chen.

According to the Tanzania Daily News, there have been a growing number of reports on the decline of some species of fish, which are suspected to have been caused by climate change and overfishing.