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'230,000 head of cattle vaccinated against CBPP' in Gambia

Gambia has vaccinated 230,000 head of cattle against contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP), equivalent to 57.5 per cent of the targeted cattle population

The national coordinator of the nationwide campaign against CBPP, Dr Kebba Daffeh, disclosed the figure to Gambia's Foroyaa newspaper to reassure cattle farmers that the vaccination campaign is in progress throughout the country.

The entire cattle population in Gambia above six months of age are targeted for vaccination.

Daffeh sought to reassure livestock farmers in the Upper River Region (URR) in particular who had previously criticised the vaccination campaign.

Daffeh said that 114 villages from Fulladu East District to Kantora in URR South had been covered between 28 February and 23 March, totalling 630 herds of cattle with a combined cattle population of 35,069.

He added that the campaign team has now moved into Wuli East in URR North and has so far vaccinated 24 herds, totalling 1,709 heads of cattle from the villages of Madina Yero, Tabanding and Pasamas Fula.

Daffeh reassured cattle farmers in Sandu, Wuli West, Wuli East and Jimara by saying that the entire cattle population would be covered without exception and went on to thank cattle farmers for their cooperation with the vaccination teams.