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The Rwandan government will set up a veterinary laboratory in the Nyagatare district, Eastern Province, as part of its plan to prevent the outbreak of cattle diseases that pose a threat to the country’s livestock sector

Rwanda cattle AfricaThe Rwandan government has set up a new laboratory to prevent and control cattle disease in Rwanda. (Image source: gordontour)

According to the Rwandan government, the aim of the new laboratory is to prevent and control cattle disease outbreaks in the country by providing sustainable services to farmers.

In the past the Rwandan government has had to overcome limited vigilance and capacity to identify, monitor and prevent the outbreak of cattle diseases, it said.

The province was recently struck by foot and mouth disease forcing the government to put up animal quarantine in the area as it is highly contagious.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, however, recently removed the quarantine.

Last year director of Veterinary Services at the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), Dr Otto Muhinda, revealed that from the 1,652 cattle that were tested in Kigali, 167 animals were found with the disease.

"These cattle had to be put down because this disease is very dangerous as it even affects human beings especially when they drink fresh uncooked milk from infected cows," said Muhinda.