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KARAN BEEF ACADEMY empowers cattle farmers through new video series

Recognising the need to empower both aspiring and seasoned cattle farmers, KARAN BEEF ACADEMY recently announced the launch of its new educational video series, designed to provide essential cattle farmer training to all South African farmers

This 10-part series aims to provide a comprehensive platform for imparting insightful knowledge and practical expertise, while also being a valuable resource for South African cattle farmers seeking to boost profitability and achieve success in the ever-expanding beef cattle market. Throughout the series, farmers will gain comprehensive knowledge on a diverse range of crucial topics, each addressed in dedicated episodes.

The inaugural episode delves into pivotal subjects, such as understanding the dynamics of the South African cattle farming sector, the immense potential it holds, and the vital role of optimal nutrition, including the intricate workings of the rumen and microbes. The second episode will cover topics such as effective grazing management, while the third episode will focus on energy and protein supplementation. In the fourth episode, viewers will learn the art of fertility management, understanding key factors that impact reproductive success, along with tips and techniques to safeguard against deficiencies in natural grazing.

Meanwhile, the sixth and seventh episodes shift the spotlight to common cattle illnesses, exploring their identification, treatment, and underscoring the importance of vaccinations as a preventive measure. The eighth episode in the series will highlight the critical role of an effective parasite control programme in maintaining a healthy herd, while the ninth episode will provide invaluable guidance on pivotal decisions in the marketing process. The final episode 10 will focus on making cattle herds economically viable, offering viewers insights into sustainable wealth generation, the beef cattle production cycle, and strategic measures to enhance profitability.

"The KARAN BEEF ACADEMY series is a gateway to prosperity for individuals passionate about cattle farming,” said director of KARAN BEEF, Matthew Karan. “Whether you're an aspiring farmer or a seasoned professional, the series caters to all levels of expertise, providing a comprehensive foundation and advanced techniques for success.”