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KEVEVAPI: Animal Protection and Promotion Strategies for the Future

For the first time in its long history, KEVEVAPI is now guided by a Strategic Plan (SP) 2010- 2015 that articulates the institute’s shared vision, mission, core functions and strategic objectives to be achieved by 2015

In the recent part, KEVEVAPI has produced a purified foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccine that is efficacious up to two days after reconstitution without the need for refrigeration. This is a once-a-year vaccine as opposed to the previous oil-based vaccine that farmers had to administer to their cattle thrice a year. It is one of KEKEVAPI’s most recent and significant innovations.

Amiable and articulate Vet (Dr) Muttai explained to this writer, in a recent interview, that the SP was developed taking account of KEVEVAPI’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and fully acknowledged all challenges at hand. It considered views and concerns of all KEVEVAPI’s partners and considerations and issues highlighted in Kenya’s Vision 2030 including the First Medium Term plan that covered 2008 and lapsed in 2012 and the on-going Agricultural Sector Development Strategy (ASDS).
Nevertheless, the SP is now undergoing review focusing on the future, with the aim of making KEVEVAPI’s manufacturing facility and operations more compliant to good manufacturing processes (GMP). This calls for upgrading of the facility and due to the heavy financial cost implied, the need to send funding proposals to various donors. KEVEVAPI hopes to borrow a lot from Brazil and Argentina countries that have rich experiences in animal husbandry and especially in dealing with the Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) challenges.
“We support Kenya’s Vision 2030 and one of its flagship projects, Disease Free Zones (DFZ) whose main objective is to ensure production of clean animals that could compete in the international market,” explained Dr Muttai to this writer in a recent interview. 

Fred John Ndung'u Ng'ang'a