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About 98 per cent of slaughterhouses in Tanzania are unregistered: CAG report

The 2016/17 audit report by Tanzania’s Controller and Auditor General (CAG) has revealed that about 98 per cent of the slaughterhouse facilities in the country are not registered and maintain a poor hygienic process

As reported by The Citizen, the CAG report also warned about the unauthorised means of distributing meat in those slaughterhouses in Tanzania.

According to the source, the inspection was made to 12 abattoirs by the government team, of them nine were found unhygienic.

The source further added that 67 per cent of the slaughterhouses did not have a safe way of meat handling facilities, with 50 per cent having inadequate water. About 67 per cent of the slaughterhouses in Tanzania produced foul smell and high possibilities of contamination while 42 per cent had damaged and dirty floors during the visit, said the source.

In addition, the vans, used for transporting meat, were unregistered, creating serious health concerns.

The report also pointed the lack of enough staff, equipment and budget as posing challenges to upgrade the country’s slaughterhouses.

Tanzanian government need to seriously work on addressing these serious concerns as they are affecting public health. The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries needs to conduct more visits and the government should take strict action against the defaulters.