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Evonik develops system solutions for gut health of poultry and swine

Evonik has developed science-based system solutions for the gut health of broiler chickens, laying hens and weaned to growing-finishing pigs

This integrated approach makes it possible to keep animals healthy without the use of antibiotics, and to produce meat and eggs in a sustainable and economically profitable manner.

Evonik’s new system solutions for gut health include a tailored combination of its feeding concepts, amino acids, probiotics, services and consulting, depending on the individual needs and challenges of the customer. The approach means the customer receives better economic, animal welfare and sustainability results whatever their circumstances.

“The challenges for farmers in increasing productivity while maintaining healthy animals are manifold and can only be overcome with comprehensive solutions,” said Dr Torben Madsen, head of the Sustainable Healthy Nutrition product line at Evonik. “Our new gut health system solutions provide the basis for solving those challenges.”

The intestinal microbiota, i.e., the totality of microorganisms in the digestive system, is at the centre of the solution. Maintaining its sensitive balance depends on various factors. Among these, feeding is an important aspect that can stabilize or unbalance the microbiota. Environmental conditions such as heat stress or piglets at weaning from breast milk also impact the microbial balance. Ultimately, antibiotics or pathogens have an immediate effect on the microbiota.

As a result, morphological and functional changes occur in the gut which negatively affects digestion and thus nutrient absorption. This leads to reduced animal growth or even increased mortality.

“It is important to understand these complex gut systems and target them individually with the right solutions,” said Dr Xu Wang, product manager for Gut Health Solutions at Evonik Animal Nutrition. “Our products and services make a significant contribution to this and we are more than happy to introduce our customers to our system solutions.”