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Hypor emphasises on ventilation to avoid heat stress for pigs

Hypor, the global supplier of pig genetics, has provided producers with the practical tips aiming to maintaining high production from farrow as well as helping the pork producers in research and knowledge to reduce heat stress

Hypor has stressed that in order to prevent high fluctuations in temperature and ventilation at night, the pork producers need to keep the desired minimal temperature of the ventilation system one or two degrees higher in summer seasons.

In addition, they need to utilise the air inlet via the shadow side to be equipped with cooling pads. Hypor said that the water evaporation can effectively lower the temperature of the incoming air by up to six degrees.

According to the company, nebulisers can improve the comfort zone of the animals, such as in the gestation barn. The pork producers need to be also aware of the humidity levels during the installations of such devices, as high humidity increases stress for the animals and reduces the efficacy of coolpads.

Hypor has demonstrated that the producers should manage the feed times by feeding the pigs during the cooler periods of the day. For a longer hot period, Hypor has recommended high-energy food to the pigs to accommodate for their lack of appetite and low energy intake.

The global producers of the pig also need to take care of the fact that the pigs have access to clean and fresh water at all times. For that, the producers need to analyse the quality of water every year.

The vaccines or medications can be given during the early morning or late evening when the temperature in the barn is low, according to Hypor.

Being a part of Hendrix Genetics, a multi-species animal breeding company, Hypor is one of the world's leading suppliers of pig genetics. Headquartered in Boxmeer, The Netherlands, Hypor has interconnected breeding centres in North America, Europe and Asia.