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Pig genetics farm set for Zambia

Zambia will in September this year establish a pig genetics farm which will be breeding stock to the local market and other countries in the region

The farm, which will be fully automated, is expected to supply breeding stock to other countries such as Angola, DR Congo and Tanzania.

The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) in a recent brief said the development was initiated when a team of local industry experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the Union undertook a visit to a pig genetics farm in South Africa to familiarise themselves with the operations of such a venture.

‘’A pig genetics farm will soon start its operations in Zambia. Groundwork has already commenced and the farm is expected to be operational in September 2014,’’ the statement read in part.

The farm will initially start with a 500 sow unit and is expected to offload more than 200 weaners per week to grower farms.

According to ZNFU, the development of a pig genetic farm will help resolve the current problems faced by many pig farmers when sourcing improved genetics for their breeding stock.

Nawa Mutumweno