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METEX NOOVISTAGO, an animal nutrition expert from France, has recently announced the launch of a new solution range: inneus for pig and poultry

According to METEX, the inneus range of products, are solutions based on a synergistic combination of functional amino acids potentialised by specifically selected polyphenols. 

inneus aims to positively influence intestinal health in order to help the host better cope with physiological and sanitary challenges such as weaning for piglets, or coccidiosis for chickens. inneus is said to be the result of an intense and fruitful research and development programme at METEX, aiming to understand the role of the functional amino acids and their synergies in the support of digestive physiology of monogastric animals. 

METEX said that its research and development team focused the effort on functional amino acids scientific concept, trying to design a complete solution, targeting the four main pillars of gut health; gut barrier function, immune fitness, oxidative status homeostasis, and microbiota balance.

Kostas Syriopoulos, brand in charge of inneus, explained, “It has been a really exciting challenge. From the literature and transcriptomic analysis of the intestine, we’ve been able to identify some key candidates and their roles. The objective was then to find the right combination and the right synergy, to end up with a complete solution which can be implemented at a consistent dose, reaching all key aspects of digestive health. 

“We’ve found out the need to potentialise the specific targeting of functional amino acids with a selected polyphenol, notably to reach the hindgut and be able to positively modulate the microbiota,” Kostas furthered. 

METEX said that the results of this research and development programme have been disclosed through several scientific publications in congress such as JRPDPP, and soon WPC. The company has made available two inneus solutions, one each for piglets and poultry.


SUISAG, the service partner for Swiss pig producers and international genetics customers, and Cloudfarms have introduced an innovative application of its existing production management system called the ‘Pig Passport’

The system enables breeding farms, production farms and processors to register and analyse the production data of each individual pig from birth to processing. The registered production data contains information such as the pigs genetic pedigree, feed consumption, or health information. An electronic ear tag connected to the Cloudfarms’ mobile app allows fast, reliable, and easy data entry for each pig directly in the barn. The individual animal data are made available in real-time reports through the Cloudfarms web application.

In cooperation with SUISAG, the first pig producers from Switzerland and Germany have started to test the innovative software application in their daily operations. Thereby, the Cloudfarms Mobile App is integrated into SuisDataManager, the existing reporting solution from SUISAG, which is widely used by pig producers in Switzerland. 

As part of the test phase, the software application will be further customised to the pig producers’ specific needs. In the next step, SUISAG said it will make the Cloudfarms Mobile App together with the SuisDataManager available to all interested pig producers in Switzerland and Germany. 

“So far, individual tracking is only common on specialised breeding farms, whereas on production farms, pigs are typically managed as groups, not as individuals. Now, each animal receives a digital “passport”, which can be used throughout the supply chain,” said Cloudfarms managing director Jens Toppenberg

“Allowing more traceability, transparency and precision, individual management of pigs is the foundation to address key challenges of the pig industry such as food safety, animal health, efficient and sustainable production, and full transparency for consumers.”

In combination with the existing Field-to-Fork Traceability Platform from Cloudfarms, the “Pig Passport” enables integrators, pig producers, feed mills and processors to create added value along the supply chain. For example, they can track and sort individual pigs, according to parent lines or type of feed consumed. This way, Cloudfarms supports the industry in meeting the growing demand for safe and nutritious food at affordable prices, while improving operational management and reducing environmental impact.


FAO, the Government of Senegal, ECOWAS, WHO, OIE and their partners in West African countries, including Cameroon, met in Dakar to take stock of the implementation of the recommendations from the regional meetings and the status of the ‘One Health’ approach in development plans and strategies

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