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Arbor Acres Algeria (AAA), the local Arbor Acres distributor company, recently hosted Algeria’s first global poultry seminar in the city of Tlemcen

Tlemcen ViroulaudAlgeria's first international poultry seminar discussed the future of the poultry industry and took place in Tlemcen. (Image source: lionel.viroulaud)

The event welcomed more than 200 guests from the Algerian and North African poultry industry, which highlighted Aviagen’s research and development work and potential future development within the market.

Speakers at the event included Rachid Kherbouche, the president and his son Hachim Kherbouche manager of ELALF and AAA, who addressed the audience about future plans and goals.

The event ended with a professional video demonstration of the AAA activities and its brand new facilities in Tlemcen.

“The meticulous organisation of this event, the careful selection of subjects, venue and invitees were a clear indication of how seriously dedicated The Kherbouche Group is to the poultry industry and its future within Algeria and we are proud to have them as partners,” said Puzant Dakessian, Aviagen regional technical manager.

“It was a very successful event and we look forward to more in the future,” Dakessian added.