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Avi Africa rolls back into town for 2012 edition

One of Africa’s leading poultry industry exhibitions will be making its return at the end of May 2012 when it will bring poultry professionals and exhibitors from across the continent together for a series of panel sessions, discussions and networking events

The Southern African Poultry Association (SAPA), which is more than 108 years old, will be holding its annual industry showpiece event, AVI Africa, at Gauteng’s Emperors Palace from May 29-31, 2012.

SAPA, which promotes improvements within southern Africa’s poultry industry, has invited a host of leading industry names to speak at the conference and has released a programme that includes a series of annual general meetings, networking events and technical discussions.

Exhibitors at Avi Africa will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their latest products, technology and skills to fellow industry professionals.

The congress will take place on the first day of the conference alongside the annual general meetings of four separate organisations representing various parts of the industry, including chick producers, broilers, egg producers and developing poultry farmers.

The second day of the show will start with an official opening by SAPA’s honorary president Gigi Passerini, which will be followed by a presentation from motivational speaker Michael Jackson entitled ‘The hard sell, the challenges of change’ and a talk from South Africa’s National Consumer Commission head Mamodupi Mohlala.

Parallel sessions have also been planned for May 30, including a discussion on catering for emerging poultry farmers’ needs, as well as another session on specialist technical and veterinary subjects.

The poultry sector is responsible for the biggest single supplier of protein to South African consumers and has been recognised as the single largest component of the agricultural sector in South Africa by turnover.