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Aviagen's EMEA Broiler School demonstrates poultry management strategies

Twenty four students from northern Europe to the southern Mediterranean and Mauritius, from Scandinavia to Slovenia and Saudi Arabia presented a series of broiler management strategies at Aviagen®’s recent Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) School in Edinburgh

The Broiler School is one of six current EMEA School modules that take place in different locations throughout the year. Each module deals with a specific element of the poultry business, covering breeders, broilers, hatcheries and incubation, as well as processing, ventilation and nutrition.

Enhancing both theoretical and practical knowledge

“Aviagen’s EMEA Production Management Schools are designed to enhance individuals’ theoretical and practical knowledge of their specific sectors of the poultry industry,” said Michael Longley, global technical transfer manager at Aviagen and director of the EMEA School.

“The Broiler School takes a very hands-on approach to learning, with a series of practical tutorials and workshops aimed at investigating key management elements such as enhancing broiler performance, troubleshooting common problems and developing readily applicable productivity improvement strategies,” Longley added.

Commenting on the series of modules, Abdel Ghaffar Itani, farm manager at Lebanon’s Snagro, added, “Every lecture contained new and vital information delivered by real experts in their fields.”

This year’s Broiler School was hosted by a team of nearly a dozen Aviagen specialists and independent tutors, who shared a wealth of knowledge and experience with the delegates.