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Chevron partner in Liberia for poultry hatchery and feed mill

Oil drilling company Chevron and not-for-profit development organisation BRAC-Liberia have signed an agreement to contribute US$375,000 to a poultry hatchery and feed mill project

Once developed, the hatchery and feed mill will address the growing demand for eggs on the Liberian market by the public and create job opportunities for poultry and livestock farmers.

BRAC-Liberia livestock manager Dr Mahmud Hossain said that Liberia has a lack of poultry feed and day-old chicks in its industry, and that developing a hatchery and feed mill in the country is essential.

The project is beneficial in terms of job creation and capacity-building for Liberian employees at the facility level, such as hatchery supervisor, farm supervisor and technicians, as well as opportunities offered for BRAC-supported community livestock and poultry promoters, who are micro-entrepreneurs spreading livestock and poultry-related messages among others.

Hossain said special awareness will be created and community residents will be mobilised, informed on income-generating activities, as well as support for rearers through a supply of chicks, feed, medicine and vaccines.

After receiving training about commercial poultry rearing, farmers will be able to rear commercial layer birds.

The 1,000 parent stock from the project is expected to produce about 225,000 hatchable eggs per year, with 50 per cent to be commercial layer hens, according to BRAC-Liberia. The hatchery and feed mill should be fully self-sustaining in three years, according to plan estimates.