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Flock Management Tip: Understanding chick behaviour

If chick behaviour indicates that environmental conditions are not correct, adjustments to the environment must be made and behaviour re-assessed

Providing chicks with the correct brooding conditions will ensure they get off to a good start.

Temperature and humidity should be monitored regularly but one of the best indicators of correct brooding conditions is chick behaviour.

What are my chicks telling me?

-Environment too cold: Chicks huddle together or under heat source, and may be noisy and distress-calling.

-Environment correct: Chicks are spread evenly and noise signifies contentment.

-Environment too hot: Chicks move away from heat source, are quiet and pant, and head and wings droop.

Achieving correct environmental conditions during brooding will ensure:

-Good development of appetite, and feeding and drinking behaviour

-Increased chick activity

-A more uniform flock development

-Optimum health and growth.

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