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The Ghanaian government is working on a proposal to provide funding to Ghana's poultry industry to reduce the cost of imports

Ghana poultry G-lish FoundationGhana's poultry industry is expected to expand as the country's annual meat requirement rises. (Image source: G-lish Foundation)

Ghana’s deputy minister of food and agriculture said that the Ghanaian government awarded funding in a bid for the country to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on the import of meat and poultry products.

Ghana currently spends more than US$300bn on meat and poultry imports and the Ghanaian government is working towards ensuring the production of good quality meat, animal and dairy products, it revealed.

Bisiw stated that the country’s national annual meat demands are set to increase in the near future, creating the need to boost Ghana’s poultry industry.

The chief executive officer of Boris B’s Farms and Veterinary Supplies, Boris Baidoo, said the company aims to provide quality services and products to the poultry and livestock industry.

Boris B’s Farms and Veterinary Supplies will construct a feed mill to produce quality feed for the poultry market at low costs to improve the plight of farmers, it said.