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New organic supplement for poultry launched in Kenya

Animal feed manufacturer MolaPlus Limited have introduced an organic supplement that claims to improve the nutrition of poultry without the use of chemicals

The product, MolaPlus Poultry Microbes, has been developed in the wake of increasing chicken feed costs and diseases that are taking a toll on poultry farming in the country even as the sector struggles to stoke growing competition from Uganda.

“With the increasing cost of feeds, poultry farmers need a feeding formula that ensures right rations with a good nutritional mix while keeping the birds free from diseases,” MolaPlus Limited CEO Henry Ambwere commented.

The MolaPlus Poultry Microbes is a set of beneficial living microorganisms. The product comes in liquid form and is said to ensure that the chicken are able to absorb feed faster while consuming less. This improves the bird’s growth rate and weight. The microbes attach themselves to the gut of the bird, additionally creating a protective environment that inhibits attacks from disease causing organisms. The microbes also assist chicken reach maturity two and a half weeks earlier than they ordinarily would.

At a time when the country is grappling with aflatoxins menace, microbes are presented as a cheaper and more organic solution. The microbes are said to tame aflatoxins in poultry by secreting key compounds and antioxidants that scavenge aflatoxins and feed on them, making the birds and their products safe for human consumption.