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Roxell introduces Fortena chain feeding system for broilers in the production period

Roxell, a leading manufacturer of automatic feeding, drinking, nesting, heating and ventilation systems, has launched the Fortena chain feeding system for broiler breeders in the production period

The Fortena chain feeding system is not just a different version of the current systems on the market. The design of the chain, feed trough and corner wheels has been taken care of by Roxell's feeding experts. The result is an innovative chain feeding system that improves and speeds up the feed intake of the hens and reduces residual feed. 

“It may be surprising that as a notorious pan-feed promoter, Roxell now also has a chain feeding system, but actually it's a logical step,” said Frank Hartmann, marketing manager at Roxell. “We have been working hard on broadening the range for 10 years. The excellent performance of pan feeding systems is an indisputable advantage. However, those who opt for ease of use and visibility will find an excellent alternative in our chain feeding system. A chain feeding system therefore also belongs in a 360° product range." He further mentioned that Roxell today had a solution for every need. 

“The Fortena chain feeding system is not a copy. Our systems are all innovative, durable and performant and this chain system is no different,” stated Inge Van Daele, product manager at Roxell. She mentioned that their feeding experts had worked on the design of the chain, feed trough and corner wheels which is why the feed intake had significantly improved with Fortena. This was due to the greater ease with which hens ate. The feed remained intact better and the hens could get to the feed more easily. “Moreover, the new corner wheels require hardly any maintenance. Finally, we use high-quality materials and techniques to guarantee the longevity for which Roxell is known."

The Fortena chain is a unique design from Roxell with large, open links that take up 25% less space. As a result, there is less friction between the feed and the chain. Also, since the feed pellets remain intact, the hens eat them faster and more easily. The rounded feed trough promotes access, which limits feed loss. The grill from which the suspension leads is anchored to the feed trough. Moreover, an adjustable feed volume enables different feeding regimes, always with an even and fast feed distribution.

It is also extra durable and easy to use with limited wear on the chain. This is because long sections of feed trough are connected with connections being made of polyamide. Lubrication of corner wheels is unnecessary due to ball bearings instead of plain bearings. Using extra strong connecting links drastically reduces the breakage of chain links.

There are also a number of ways in which the Fortena chain feeding system offers the poultry farmer flexibility in the way of management. For instance, two speeds can be chosen for feed distribution. The feeding circuit can be winched up, but is also available on legs. Moreover, an iQon feed computer can be used to automate and monitor the feeding process and feed supply takes place directly (with day bins) or indirectly (via hoppers on the circuit).