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Uganda poultry farmers concerned over falling broiler sales

Uganda farmers have expressed concern over dropping sales of broiler chicken and other poultry products

They have alleged that the market was too small to absorb the total production being made every year. The farmers made the claim at a one-day workshop, which was attended by more than 140 poultry farmers in Mbale.

“We have farmers in the region who are ready to supply more than 500 chickens per week. However, due to lack of sales, most of them are turning away from the trade. The demand has dropped suddenly,” said Micheal Kisolo, eastern region agent of poultry breeding firm Ugachick Uganda.

He added that the biggest consumers of their chicken were hotels, people, and supermarkets.

“Our broilers are sold at between KES 8,000 (US$93.45) and KES 15,000 (US$175.23). However, the market is too small to consume more than 500 chickens daily,” he said.

The farmers have also urged Ugachick to supply them with feeds and medicine at reduced costs.

Kisolo said that treatment and feeding of the birds were currently very expensive as most of them now depend on maize brand and silvered fish, which are transported from Jinja.

The farmers have also agreed to form an association that will help them to look for more vibrant markets for their products and appealed to the government for support.