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African Development Fund impacts lives of millions in the continent

The African Development Fund (ADF) is facilitating rapid rollout of development projects and continues to transform and sustain lives to provide a concessional buffer to needy economies on the continent

In 38 of the continent’s neediest countries, the Fund is creating linkages to promote regional integration, commercial exchanges and enhance food security by investing in power projects, roads and bridges, and other critical industrial and livelihood buildouts.

Transformative projects

· Zambia’s Tezhi Hydro Power project celebrated for providing clean and renewable electricity to nearly a million people.

· In South West Madagascar, beneficiaries of a 107km road financed by the Fund said it has not only helped farmers to get their crops to market centres but also saved lives of pregnant women and the sick by facilitating their timely arrival at health centres.

By the end of its current cycle, the ADF would have provided, since its inception, about US$47.6bn to strengthen fragile societies, in addition to building resilience and giving hope to the vulnerable.

Over the past three ADF cycles (2011 to 2018), the African Development Bank (AfDB) has developed a strong developmental impact in ADF countries:

· 395MW of new generation capacity installed, including 170MW of renewable capacity, giving 10.9mn people better access to electricity.

· The ADF’s agriculture projects have benefited more than 90mn people. Around 66.6mn people have better access to transport facilitating market access and international connection.

· 2,307 kilometres of cross-border roads built or rehabilitated and 4.1mn people provided with better access to education and 35.8mn people with access to water and sanitation.

Administered by the AfDB, the Fund comprises 32 contributing states and benefits 38 countries.