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OLMIX: Using marine algae to improve immune transfer through maternal milk

As part of a partnership between Olmix Group and the Joint Research Unit for Infectiology and Public Health at INRA Val de Loire, an in vitro study was carried out on differentiated porcine intestinal epithelial cells

The results showed that the extract of sulphated polysaccharide-rich green algae (MSP IMMUNITY) modulates the production of immune mediators (cytokines and chemokines) involved in the proliferation, differentiation and migration of immune cells.

In the continuity of these results, an in vivo study was carried out on gilt pigs during late gestation to assess the adjuvant effect of MSP IMMUNITY product in an atrophic rhinitis vaccination programme.

The addition of MSP IMMUNITY to the feed of lactating sows vaccinated with a bivalent vaccine containing Pasteurella multocida and Bordetella bronchiseptica strains increased the content of antibodies (IgG and IgA) in the colostrum and milk from the beginning and throughout the lactation period.

These preliminary data show that the addition of MSP IMMUNITY to the feed could improve the transfer of lactogenic immunity (through the colostrum and milk) and protect newborn piglets from infection and reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock.

However, the mechanism of action underlying the adjuvant activity of MSP IMMUNITY has not yet been determined. One hypothesis is that the product could induce the proliferation and migration, of the differentiated B lymphocytes secreting antibodies from the intestine to the mammary gland. Further investigations are also required to demonstrate the protective effect of this immune transfer in infectious challenge conditions.

These results were published online on 15 February 2019 in the Journal of Veterinary and Animal Science.

MSP IMMUNITY is one of the algae-based solutions produced by Olmix Group. Created in 1995, the company specializes in harvesting and transforming red, green and brown Breton algae into innovative natural products for human, animal and plant nutrition and health.

Olmix has introduced SEARUP and ALGIMUN based on algae extracts technology (MSP) for application on the field.

SEARUP, to be mainly administrated in drinking water, aims to punctually strengthen immune response during critical periods (just after birth, at weaning etc) and to reinforce vaccination uptake (used just before and after). Its beneficial effects on the field are seen on many species such as broilers, breeders, sows, piglets, cows, fish and shrimps.

ALGIMUN is based on the combination of two biologically active macroalgal extracts. In sows, ALGIMUN is proved to support the maternal immunity transfer, the setup of active immunity in piglets and the improvement of litter performance.