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Beat Drone deploys drones to disinfect Nigerian communities

Nigerian Startup Beat Drone, which has experience in spraying farmlands all over Nigeria, deploys its drones to disinfect communities and save them from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation

The COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged China became a threat to Nigeria when an Italian came into the country in March 2020; as of 18 June Nigeria has more than 17,735 cases.

The Government of Nigeria, which comprises 36 states and the Federal capital, Territory began surveillance of index cases and their contacts and places they have been in contact with. 

These activities spurred the Government to initiate a lockdown to enable them reduce transmission and mitigate the risk of contracting the virus through contact with places these covid-19 patients have been to. 

“Our experience in spraying farmlands all over Nigeria is coming into play here, we have recorded over 20,000 hours cumulatively spraying farmlands of over 30,000 hectares we knew that we are the most experienced to engage the Nigerian government,” stated the company. 

To this the government will also be championing the setting up of a drone assembly plant which will be situated in Akure, Ondo state, Nigeria. The US$1.2mn plant which is in partnership with Beat Drone, Yuavi and the Ondo State Government will enable us produce over 3,000 drones to aid in disinfecting all 36 states and the FCT and ensure Nigerians can go back to their business activities. 

Post-COVID-19, these drones will be used in eliminating mosquitoes of which account for malaria that has killed over 300,000 People annually. While the government will also utilise the drones on the farmlands to aid increase in harvest yields and reduce cost for farmers. 

“We are also engaging other private and government organisations such as Universities, Churches, Mosques, Banks, Port Authorities etc in providing our drones to disinfect their premises this is essential as the lockdown is been eased gradually.”