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Cargill injects US$20 million into animal nutrition project

Cargill Animal Nutrition has announced that it is investing an estimated US$20mn in a South African facility

Cargill plans to construct a new premix and base mix facility at NuTec’s current location in Pietermaritzburg, which will enhance the way it serves customers in sub-Saharan Africa.

“We are delighted to announce this investment, which will allow Cargill Animal Nutrition to better serve our customers in sub-Saharan Africa,” said Gudo klein Gebbink, general manager for Cargill’s Premix and Nutrition sub-Saharan Africa business.

“We see great potential and opportunities to expand our business.”

Astral Foods, which has formed a solid partnership with Cargill, has a 25 per cent stake in the business. 

Gary Arnold, Astral’s business development director, said, “The decision to sell a portion of Astral’s interest in this business was taken to allow Cargill’s animal nutrition business to invest in the redevelopment of the NuTec facility, and simultaneously expand premix sales into African markets.

“As a result, Astral’s remaining 25 per cent interest will be in a larger speciality premix business.”

Cargill currently has a 75 per cent stake in NuTec, a producer of vitamin and mineral premix for the animal nutrition industry.