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Trouw Nutrition: Measuring sub-optimal farm animal productivity

Trouw Nutrition, animal nutrition division of Nutreco, has developed a range of animal nutrition solutions and precision-feeding technology, aiming to drive farm animal performance and reduce the need for antibiotics

In particular, by improving pre-weaning nutrition, applying feed-farm-health management strategies and speeding up the quality control of raw material feed ingredients, new levels of farm animal performance can be unlocked.

With global population set to rise to almost 10bn by 2050, the world’s food systems are under pressure to meet growing demand and ensure healthy diets for everyone. Specifically, the agricultural systems will need to increase productivity by more than 50 per cent by 2050, compared to 2012.

Around the world, farm animals are delivering a performance that is between 30 per cent and 40 per cent less than their full genetic potential. Sub-optimal conditions and animal health are primary causes of this yield gap. Better nutrition can help support farm animal health and significantly improve their performance.

While commenting at the 6th Global Feed & Food Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, Leo den Hartog, director for R&D at Nutreco and professor in animal nutrition in circular economy at Wageningen University, said, “More than ever, our world needs to embrace a more circular approach to food production. Innovations in animal nutrition can play a crucial role in improving the performance of farm animals and drive more sustainable food production for generations to come.”