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Welland Power success in Queens Award for international trade

Welland Power builds all generators on-site, fabricating bases, canopies and control panels, on the premises

The UK’s award-winning manufacturer, Welland Power, who manufactures generators has today received the Queens Award for International Trade.

The diesel generators made in the UK, Perkins Powered mainly but also built with Baudouin and Cummins engines, they are known as one of the leading brands worldwide. Having increasingly expanded recently this has led to the presentation today. Welland Power generators have a lengthy history, having been founded in 2010, but the Welland Power brand was first known as “Wellux” from 1950 and sold under its parent companies name. Exporting is the main trading. They ship around 3000 units per year from 8-2750kVA around the world.

An on-site powder-coating and painting facility finish the steelwork in a range to high spec to suit customers demand and by eliminating the high cost of transportation, located just 20 miles from the Perkins factory in Peterborough and 25 miles from the UK Stamford  alternator manufacturing warehouse, Welland Power is in an area of Lincolnshire in the UK that has always been closely tied with power generation and that  will always remain this way in many more years to come.

Welland Power as a company employs 34 staff in a 94,000sqft manufacturing facility in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

For more information, please visit Welland Power