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APV presents Grassland Harrow

APV, agricultural technology provider, has unveiled Grassland Harrow to boost agricultural productivity

High-quality basic fodder is an important source of energy in the dairy industry. The Grassland Harrow GS 600 M1 Full Edition from APV pulls out unwanted dead grass, creates space for high-quality seeds and aerates the soil. It aims to ensure the best conditions for seeding in combination with a Pneumatic Seeder PS 300 M1.

The APV Grassland Harrow is mainly used in areas where intensive grassland cultivation is necessary. The two front tine rows tear out lawn thatch, tangles and grasses, while the two weaker back tine rows of thinner tines separate the soil from torn out weeds and work the applied grass seed into the ground.

Additionally, the APV Grassland Harrow is equipped with four tine beds, each with two rows of 10 mm and two rows of eight mm cranked spring tines. The first two rows have a tine spacing of 7.5 cm and the last two rows have a tine spacing of 5 cm. This combination of different tines is unique in agricultural technology and only offered by APV. The tine rows can be used in different modes of aggressiveness to each other. This achieves optimal soil adaptation.

The Pneumatic Seeder is controlled by the Control Box 5.2, as well as the speed and linkage sensors. For the operation, tractors with 70 HP or more are required. The folding of the side arms requires a double-acting hydraulic connection.

The APV Grassland Harrow GS 600 M1 is used to catch crop application in agriculture. Optionally, customers can go for the APV TOP training since last spring. This covers the preparation for the first use on the field. Furthermore, plant cultivation expertise, applications and machine settings are transmitted and explained.