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Bühler launches new generation of grain cleaners

Bühler has announced the launch of the next generation of its TAS grain cleaning system, the TAS LAA

Cleaning is an essential part of any operation, as clean raw material is vital for any food and feed production process, ensuring safety and high quality of the product. The TAS cleaning system has been widely used by customers for grain processing for more than 30 years and its updated version is now available worldwide.

The new TAS LAAC builds on the success of the classic TAS, renowned for its highly efficient cleaning, high throughput rate, flexible configuration, and low operating costs. The latest model retains all of this and comes with a range of new features, including remote control for the machine settings. This means that operators can easily make adjustments to optimise settings at changeovers, no matter where they are in the mill, malting plant, or reception points.

Another major innovation is the introduction of ultra-reliable sensors. This enables the machine to be connected to digital services offering condition monitoring for maximum uptime and deep analyses for improved yields. Its instant compatibility with Bühler Insights meanwhile, allows for advanced trend analysis and much more.

This range of new functions can help operators bring an end to unwanted downtime and product losses due to incorrect machine settings. In an ever-more competitive milling market, optimum efficiency is vital to improve yields, cut waste, and make sure that frequent changeovers are as smooth as possible. 

“These were the challenges our engineers at Bühler set out to tackle when we took a fresh look at the well-established TAS cleaner series,” said Manfred Dess, product manager for TAS cleaners at Bühler. “Not many would expect much potential in improving or even revolutionising a technology that has reliably met customers’ needs for decades. However, we have built on past success, optimised our existing cleaner solution, and introduced new ground-breaking features. With the new system in place, operators can manage machinery more easily, efficiently, and profitably with all the required functionality at their fingertips – even via mobile devices.”