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BERTI launches stalks shredder LAND/P BioG

The new stalks shredder LAND/P BioG has joined the BERTI agricultural range, unlocking a new frontier for renewable energy

Recommended for shredding and recovering agricultural by-product, the Land/P BioG makes it possible to cut, mulch and swath crop residues in a single operation. In addition to being used for energy purposes, the recovery of the agricultural by-product can also ensure a number of positive effects on crops and soil such as an active reduction of pests, reduced disease and mould in subsequent crops and improved nutrient management.

The LAND/P BioG comprises of the following standard equipments:

1. Bigger rear roller with scraper: Thanks to its shape and size, it supports the machine in all conditions, including wet grounds

2. LED headlights: These are integrated into the frame, ensuring durability and maximum visibility

3. Support feet for parking: These allow the machine to be stored in the transport position, while taking up as little space as possible

4. Full automatic belts adjuster: This guarantees maximum available power and greatly reduces maintenance

5. Conveyor belt: It  consists of interchangeable modules that serve to convey mulched material sideways and form a swath

The machine operates by cutting plant residue entering the front of the machine, following which it is deposited onto the conveyor belt at the rear of the machine. The belt conveys the entire mulched material to the left side, discharging it onto the ground, while at the same time forming a swath facilitating easy pickup. The mulched material is then collected using a loader and transported to a collection area where it is combined with other harvested plant residue.

The field residue is fed into the fermenter where it undergoes various processes such as dosing, defibrillation mixing and pumping. In the fermenter of the biogas plant, the field residues of the bacteria are broken down and transformed into biomethane, also releasing the CO2 absorbed by the plant during its life.

Thanks to its own patents, BioG GmbH, a modern Austrian company specialising in the conception, design and construction of industrial biogas plants, is able to build plants with very high efficiency and use the most diverse organic materials. Each plant is kept under control at all times, even remotely, thanks to sensors and software specially designed and developed by BIOG, to guarantee customers the best assistance and safety.

BERTI's long experience in the field of manufacturing mulchers combined with BioG's experience in the field of producing biomass plants in a conscious manner has led to the creation of the LAND/P series BioG model.