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Combining flexibility and efficiency: Pöttinger’s latest AEROSEM VT 6000 DD has it all

Following the great success of the AEROSEM VT trailed pneumatic seed drills with a working width of 5 m, Pöttinger is now launching this combination with a working width of 6 m

In conjunction with active tillage, this machine also combines maximum output with excellent flexibility. Other hallmarks include perfect seed placement and maximum soil conservation.

To avoid a bulldozing effect, the high-volume packer tyres with a diameter of 800 mm reduce ground pressure and rolling resistance. Optimum consolidation of the seed rows is made possible by the large area of surface contact combined with the special grooved tyre profile. The additional damping of the packer ensures smoother running during operation, thereby enabling high driving speeds to be maintained on different types of soil.

Each feature on Pöttinger's AEROSEM VT pneumatic seed drills is designed to increase productivity and profitability. 

It consists of a longitudinally mounted pressurised hopper available with a capacity of up to 4,600 litres. The hopper is equally divided along the direction of travel, a configuration which enables seed with fertiliser, or seed on its own, to be applied conveniently. In addition to good accessibility to the metering units, shut-off plates make it easier to change the metering wheels when the hopper is full.

The proven AEROSEM pressurised hopper system is designed for the highest application rates. This system ensures exact seed flow rates regardless of the type of seed or the working conditions. Each side of the hopper features a separate metering unit, but feeds the same single shoot seed line. The metering units can be controlled independently of each other and the two components can be applied simultaneously. Moreover, two application maps can be used for site-specific drilling.

The DUAL DISC double disc coulter system ensures precise seed placement. The large coulters are slightly offset and form a clean and tidy seed slot. The equal-length coulter arms are mounted on sealed bearings with a coulter offset of 30 cm to ensure maximum reliability even with high volumes of plant residues. The coulters cut right through, even at high driving speeds thanks to a coulter pressure of up to 60 kg. The V-shaped seed slot prevents the seed from rolling. 

As with all Pöttinger seed drills, the new AEROSEM VT 6000 DD features impressive functionality, a unique metering system and high performance output.