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Continental to present VF technology at Agritechnica

Technology and tyre specialist Continental will display the Very High Flexion (VF) technology for the TractorMaster and CombineMaster agricultural tyres at this year’s Agritechnica from 10-16 November in Hanover, Germany

The tyres with VF specifications have highly flexible sidewalls which maintain the tyre’s durability and directional stability at a high level in the event of reduced air pressure or high load. This is made possible through an optimised belt and bead geometry, according to the specialist.

Complete flexibility thanks to the new VF technology

The VF tyres can support farmers in their varied duties and allow them to save not only time and fuel but also to avoid damaging compaction of the soil. VF tyres can deliver constant carrying capacity at all speeds and allow the tire pressure to be reduced for the same performance relative to standard tyres.

Consistent performance: from the road to the field

The VF tyre enables the transport of payload with an inflation pressure that is 40 per cent less than that of a standard tire of the same size, according to Continental. This saves farmers the hassle of adjusting the tire pressure and they can unlock the full potential of their tyres: less soil compaction through an increase of the tread contact at lower tire pressure and full mileage performance and durability on the road despite lower tire inflation.

Bringing the power to the field: the bead

The bead is an essential element of the tyre as it ensures the correct seat on the rim. An optimised bead design comes into play in VF tyres. The bead profile is larger and more flexible, the apex smaller, whereby the deflection of the tyre is improved and the stress level in all participating components sinks – even at very heavy loads or low pressure. This ensures a long, worry-free service life for the tyres.

Steadfast against deformation and damage: the belt

The belt has been adjusted to the increased requirements of the tyres. While too little tyre pressure and too great a load can quickly lead to damage for standard tyres, for VF tyres the belt and shoulder area are larger and stiffer to lower the risk of deformation and damage, for example by the tread lugs pushing through.

Strong flanks: N.flex technology

N.flex technology also makes the most of its design advantages as an element of VF: the patented carcass material is flexible enough to absorb an impact and return to the original form, without losing the given form. This guarantees a special endurance and rounder tyres for a comfortable ride. The significantly reduced propensity to develop flat spots means the end of bumpy rides in the morning.

The new technology is available in three tyres: VF TractorMaster Hybrid, VF TractorMaster and VF CombineMaster.