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Empowering farmers through backward integration strategy

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN), has over the years, continued to invest in developing infrastructure required to secure its supply chain and ensure the sustainability of its operations

In the agricultural sector, FMN has developed a unique ecosystem where it partners with local farmers as a source for its essential raw materials for production.

To strengthen the capabilities of these farmers, FMN through the operations of its subsidiary, Golden Agri Inputs (GAIL) continues to provide adequate support in the areas of input provision, specialised training, agronomy support and related extension services.

GAIL essentially offers a platform that supports and strengthens FMN’s well-defined Backward Integration Programmes in cassava, oil palm, sugar, soybean and maize. In addition to providing extension services to farmers, GAIL develops out-grower schemes for more than 50,000 farmers across Nigeria.

Partnering with Corteva Agriscience, it also distributes hybrid pioneer maize seeds to partner farmers across the country. Additionally, GAIL is developing a seed propagation facility to ensure availability of seeds locally, at affordable prices.

slide0001 image003Harnessing the expertise and reach of its business, FMN through Golden Fertiliser Company Ltd has continued to flourish in Nigeria as the farmers’ friend, with its flagship brand “Golden Fertiliser” providing an array of blended NPK variants, an effective distribution network and insurance for its quality fertilisers.

This insurance is a partnership between Pula and Leadway Assurance, ensuring compensation for a shortfall in expected yield on the area planted by the farmer. The organisation is also participating in the Federal government's presidential fertiliser initiative, providing fertilisers at a subsidised rate.

FMN has, over the years, further invested in the vertical integration of its business through the manufacture and marketing of laminated woven polypropylene sacks and flexible packaging materials.

Through one of its divisions, Bagco, which is a manufacturer of total packaging solutions and Africa’s largest and leading commercial manufacturer of premium bags sustained through state-of-the-art machinery. With a heritage of more than 47 years, Bagco supports both the industrial and agricultural sectors of Nigeria, by supplying quality polypropylene sacks and flexible packaging materials.

FMN continues to demonstrate its commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility by engaging only in sustainable business activities and social investments to improve the lives of communities where it does business.